Student Initiative Competition
The New League Universities are interested in creating a large community consisting of students of the Association.
We believe that networking and communication between student communities will make it possible to create innovative academic and business projects in the future.
The New League team wants to create more spaces for joint interaction.
That is why we are proud to announce the opening of the Student Initiative Competition!

Competition Idea
We invite students studying at Shaninka, Skoltech, NES and EUSP to propose an initiative aimed at uniting the Association's students!

The best initiatives will receive financial and administrative support from the New University League team.

What Might a Student Initiative Look Like?
  • Club Activities
    You can propose the creation of a club of mutual interests. For example, debate clubs are already operating at the universities of the league; they have united students who want to improve their rhetoric and argumentation skills!
  • Joint Event
    Most students are actively involved in scientific and research activities. You can offer to hold a lecture, seminar, conference etc. Events should bring together like-minded people from all four universities!
  • Educational Activities
    It would be a mistake not to admit that many students are immersed in their own development. Many students are learning languages, programming, and more outside university. You can offer to gather students who are passionate about additional education, and we will help create the infrastructure for learning!
  • Charity
    Today, it is especially important to help those who are seeking assistance. We want to help unite students around charitable projects. You can offer to organize a trip to an animal shelter, for example, as well as any other format aimed at improving the conditions of those in need.
Stages of the Competition
Development of the Concept of the Initiative
Any initiative starts with a brainstorm . This leads to a clear and unambiguous understanding of the idea.
Gathering Like-minded People and Building a Team
The implementation of the project should not fall on the shoulders of one person. A team that works together will be able to realize the most complex projects.
Formulation of the Text of the Application and Submission of the Questionnaire
Creating the text of the application is the most important stage.

The application must include two key items:
1. Description of the concept of the initiative
2. Project implementation plan
Getting Feedback from the New League Team
We will write to you after receiving all submitted materials!
Application form:
Name of the initiative
Name of all team members
Email addresses of all team members
Description of the proposal / initiative / project
Attach a file with a description of the application
If you have any questions, you can send them to our e-mail
125 009, Москва, Газетный пер., д. 3−5, стр. 1, пом. I, офис 32